"The Goldy Shuffle"

Bill Goldsworthy's Number 8 was retired during the North Stars 25th aniversery season.


 Q. Name the first Coach of the North Stars. 

 A. Wren Blair was the first coach as well as GM.

 Q. In 1992-1993, how much did the lowest priced ticket cost at
    the Met Center? 

 A. $9.50 (very affordable, don't you think?)

 Q. Who was the first North Star player to have his number retired?

 A. Bill Masterton #19

 Q. Which hotel checked in the visiting squad to North Star
    home games?

 A. The Marriot Hotel in Bloomington is where the visiting players
    usually stayed. Young fans would often wait outside of the hotel's
    entrance for autograph opportunities.

 Q. Which North Star was the first player in Stanley Cup history
    to score on a penalty shot?

 A. Wanye Connely, 1968 vs LA Kings

 Q. On January 15th, 1979 this North Star scored five goals on
    five shots vs NY Rangers at Madison Square Garden.

 A. Tim Young was that player.

 Q. In the opening game of the 1981 playoffs the North Stars faced
    off against Bruins at the Boston Garden. What was significant
    about the result of this game?

 A. Aside from the fact that the Stars won the game 5-4 in
    overtime, it was the first time in franchise history that
    they recorded a win at the Garden.

 Q. Who is the only North Stars defenseman to score a hat-trick?

          a) Gary Sargent            b) Larry Murphy
          c) Craig Hartsburg         d) Mark Hardy

 A. c) Craig Hartsburg on November 1st, 1986 became the only
    North Star defenseman to record a hat-trick. Harstburg beat
    Chicago's Bob Sauve three times that night in a 6-5 defeat.

 Q. Which goaltender has the most career shutouts as a North Star?

    a) Don Beaupre       b) Cesare Maniago      c) Gilles Meloche
    d) Gump Worsley      e) Jon Casey           f) Pete Lopresti

 A. b) Cesare Maniago holds the North Star record for
    most regular season shutouts with 27.

 Q. What division(s) has Minnesota been aligned with throughout
    its history?

 A. The Minnesota North Stars, since the league's adoption of
    the current four division format, have played in the
    Smythe (1974-78), Adams (1978-81), and Norris (1981-93)

 Q. Who holds the Stars record for most shorthanded goals in a
    in a season?

 A. Bill Collins scored 6 shorhanded goals in 1969-70.

 Q. What's greatest margin of victory ever acheived by a Stars
    team for a single game?

 A. 13 goals.... The Stars were really in the zone the night (11/11/81)
    and they handed the Jets a 15-2 beating in Bloomington.

 Q. Which North Star team holds the record for most points
    in a season?

    a) 1990-91    b) 1982-83    c) 1980-81     d) 1972-73

 A. b) 1982-83... the team finished with 96 pts, good
    for a 2nd place finish in the Norris behind Chicago.

 Q. Name the two North Star players who helped Team Canada win
    the 1972 Summit Series.

 A. Bill Goldsworthy and J.P. Parise.

 Q. On January 4th, 1976 one of the ugliest incidents occured at
    Met Center when this player viciously butt-ended Henry Boucha
    to the eye and effectively ended Henry's promising career.
    Name this player.

 A. Dave Forbes of the Boston Bruins committed the act which
    broke Henry's face and damaged nerves near his eye. Henry
    attempted a comeback the next year, but his eyesight was
    plauged by double vision. He later retired for good.

 Q. In 1977 the North Stars were the first team in history to
    have four rookies score twenty or more goals. Name them.

 A. Glen Sharpley, Roland Eriksson, Steve Jensen and Alex Pirus.

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