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Stars' Green in Trouble Again

MINNEAPOLIS — Former Minnesota North Stars employees and fans accuse owner Norm Green of repeatedly kissing and touching them, according to statements in support of a sexual harassment lawsuit.

A season ticket-holder testified that Green, who moved the NHL team to Dallas last year, once planted a team sticker on her breast instead of her lapel. A Met Center usher said Green's hand lingered on her buttocks while she worked a game at the Bloomington, Minn., arena.

 A former Green assistant said he asked her to wear short skirts and position herself so he could observe her legs.

The new statements were contained in a document filed Friday in Hennepin County District Court by Green's former executive assistant, Kari Dziedzic, who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Green last year.

When the allegations surfaced in November 1992, Green admitted he had kissed women employees and commented on their makeup, diets and appearance. As a Canadian, he said, he did not realize that such behavior was inappropriate in the United States. He vowed to change.

According to the new documents, though, Green now describes the allegations as "a series of lies" and denied many of the specific incidents.

Dziedzic's motion will be heard Feb. 25. A trial is scheduled in May.